July 1, the day recreational marijuana could be sold legally in the state, is just around the corner.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in the state will sell the products.  During the last week in June, marijuana growers are racing against the clock to distribute as much product to dispensaries as possible.

They’re trying to do it all ahead of the weekend rush.

Taking on the theme of Black Friday, many shops are planning to open its doors at midnight leading into Saturday.
Dyran Stalling is the cultivating brains behind Nature’s Kindest, and he says at any given time he has between five and seven pounds of inventory.  However, right now, he has less than one, so he’s feeling the pressure.

“You have an influx of people trying to pick up and get and secure product for the influx of people that are gonna be able to purchase now,” said Stalling.

Dispensaries licensed to sell recreational marijuana are buying as much product as possible ahead of the July first sale date. The excise tax on recreational marijuana will also be 10 percent more than what it is for medical marijuana, and that’s not including sales taxes.

“That’s what the big hurry is right now,” Stalling said. “Everybody is rushing to secure product while you can still get it at this taxable rate.”

New packaging and labeling regulations will also take effect on July 1, meaning all recreational marijuana packaging will have to have warning labels on it.

The packaging will say no use for children; nobody under 21, and do not operate heavy equipment or drive vehicles after consuming the product. Marijuana packages are also no longer allowed to be transparent.

Stalling says he’s taking the changes and demand in stride.

“It’s not a bad thing, you know,” Stalling said. “We’re not complaining, but it’s gonna be interesting to see how it all plays out.”
At last check, the Nevada department of taxation has not issued any distribution licenses.  Under the voter-approved law, alcohol distributors have exclusive rights to transport recreational marijuana during the first 18-months.

A spokesperson with the department says five companies have applied, but have not completed the process.