Man pleads guilty in sucker punch death, family upset with lesser charge


New video that you’ll only see on 8 News NOW shows the moment a man was killed by a sucker punch outside a bar in downtown Las Vegas.

The case gained national attention last year for its shocking nature.

Luis Campos, 45, was visiting Las Vegas from California for his brother’s bachelor party. Campos died at the hospital in April 2017, four days after the attack.

The man who threw that unprovoked deadly punch was in court Wednesday. James Beach, 28, pleaded guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

But, Luis Campos’ family who is still dealing with the devastating aftermath of what he did, says he should do more time.

“I wanted the jury to see that video that I had to look at. It’s powerful. It would have had everybody in tears and I believe it would have served it’s purpose,” said Joyce Garibay, Luis Campos’ mother.

One punch. That was all it took. Luis Campos, a son, a brother, a father of five fell to the ground. 

“I just saw him fly. Not even his legs buckled. My youngest son dropped to the ground and Luis went into convulsions, seizures,” Garibay said. “He never regained consciousness and died four days later.”

Garibay faced her son’s killer in court Wednesday morning.

James Beach, an ex-felon, admitted he was the one who hit and killed Campos. Garibay mourns for her young grandchildren.

“She just turned two. They will grow up never knowing their father,” Garibay said.

For her family, she says justice wasn’t served today.

“His sentencing is three – 10 years for voluntary manslaughter when he’s an ex felon. He’ll be out in the street again and guaranteed he’ll do it again,” she said.

She wanted a harsher sentence. 

In her son’s memory, garibay got a tattoo.

“That’s his thumb print blown up into a heart…”

Her first son and her best friend. Now, she says, her angel.

Beach will be sentenced April 10.

Campos’ family members say they will continue to be at every court appearance and at every parole hearing. They believe there are certain laws that need to change and they are pushing for harsher sentences for crimes like this one.

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