LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The man who held a woman against her will for hours and threw furniture from the window of a Caesars Palace hotel room during a police standoff in July was sentenced from 19 months to 48 months in prison Thursday.

Matthew Mannix, 36, who accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to destruction of property and misdemeanor negligence charges, will also pay $55,000 restitution for the damage caused at the hotel. The maximum sentence he could have received was five years.

Mannix was ordered by the judge to stay away from the Las Vegas Strip and he will not be eligible for probation during his prison term.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police said Matthew Mannix, who held a woman against her will in a Caesars Palace guest room on the 21st floor, broke the window and threw chairs and other objects from it on July 11, 2023. (KLAS)

The incident caused major disruption at the Las Vegas Strip resort for several hours and sent people fleeing from the pool area when Mannix broke a window and began throwing out furniture and other items that landed on the pool deck.

The woman in the room with Mannix was rescued safely. In the arrest report, she told police the two had an on-and-off relationship and had been doing drugs.

Following his arrest, Mannix told 8 News Now, that he was having a psychotic episode and said he would never do drugs again.

Mannix could face a fine of up to $12,000 and one to five years in prison. At the time of the arrest, Mannix was a fugitive from Colorado where he had been previously convicted of kidnapping and property damage. He also had active protection orders against him, according to his attorney.