Editor’s Note: This story was updated to add the age of the person who died.

HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — A teenager is dead, and his accomplice is facing a murder charge after the two got into a gunfight with other juveniles, according to an arrest report.

Fernando Sandoval Jr., 18, is accused of murder in the death of his friend Marc Garcia-Allred, 16, who died after being shot by a juvenile during an alleged robbery in a northeast Las Vegas valley neighborhood.

Police initially became aware there was some kind of shooting on Friday, Sept. 29, when there were three Shot Spotter alerts indicating nearly two dozen shots fired around 10:22 p.m. at Studio Street and Catino Avenue, near Lamb Boulevard and Craig Road. Shot Spotter is a technology that can detect gunshots in an area and notify police.

According to the arrest report, Garcia-Allred and Sandoval lured three teens under the guise they wanted to buy marijuana vape cartridges. When the teens showed up in a car, Garcia-Allred and Sandoval walked up to the car, pulled guns on the teens, demanded the marijuana vapes, and even pulled the backseat passenger out of the vehicle by his chain necklace, the report said.

A teen in the front seat, who had a handgun in a holster, told police he feared for his safety as well as his friends’ safety, especially the teen who had been pulled out of the backseat and also pistol-whipped, according to the report. The teen told police he stepped out of the vehicle and began shooting at Garcia-Allred, hitting him, documents said.

As the vehicle with the teens drove away, the teen shooter was accidentally left behind and exchanged gunfire with Sandoval, the report said. The vehicle returned to pick up the left-behind passenger and drove off as Sandoval kept firing at the car, striking it several times, police documents stated.

Garcia-Allred, who was shot, was driven by Sandoval to the North Vista Hospital, but first Sandoval stopped at a nearby swap meet to dispose of a backpack believed to holding the weapons, according to the arrest report. Garcia-Allred was transferred to University Medical Center where he died.

The teens’ names were redacted in the arrest report because they are minors.

Sandoval is facing charges of murder, robbery, and assault, all with the use of a deadly weapon, and discharging a gun into an occupied vehicle.