Man denies killing girlfriend’s child: ‘I’m not a bad guy’


The man accused of killing a 1-year-old child appeared in court Monday morning. Antonio Bridges was arrested after the toddler died at the hospital earlier this month.

It was Bridges, 34, first appearance in court. A motion was filed for a future bail hearing.

Bridges, who’s behind bars in the Clark County Detention Center, spoke with 8 News NOW about the charges he is facing.

“I’m not a bad guy. I’m not an evil person.”

Bridges denies the allegations he killed his girlfriend’s son, Mark Phillips.

“I’m just coming to you as a man and a father and a child of God and it’s not me man, I’m not this person. I’m not a dangerous person ma’am,” Bridges said.

Metro says Bridges took the 1-year-old to UMC nearly two weeks ago with serious injuries. It’s the same hospital Mark’s mother was admitted for an unrelated medical problem.

The little boy was rushed into surgery and died three days later from blunt force injuries, according to the Clark County Coroner.  

“She knows I wouldn’t hurt him. I always took care of him. I never hurt him. I always loved him.”

The situation dates back to April 12. Bridges was in the hospital with Mark visiting the boy’s mom but a nurse asked them to leave. Authorities claim the two went to a friend’s house to “clean up.”

Bridges says he’s not sure what happened except he found the baby appearing to sleep in the living room after leaving the bathroom.

He then drove Mark to the hospital.

“Half way to the hospital, I hear a gurgly noise and I look in the back seat and I see this tongue half way out of his mouth, that’s when I knew something wasn’t right.”

Police say Bridges dropped the baby off and a traffic officer arrested him for trying to leave. 

“I never attempted to leave. I sat down. I tried to go into every room, they wouldn’t let me go in with him,” Bridge said. “It is a lie. I never tried to leave (inaudbible) oh my God. At the end of the day, I’m going to be found not guilty for this.”

Bridges was arrested the same day Mark died. It turns out, there was a warrant for Bridges’ arrest in Georgia.

His other charges include child abuse and neglect with a substantial bodily injury. 

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