Man confronts woman trying to get into neighborhood vehicles


A homeowner is speaking out after confronting a woman checking for unlocked car doors in a northwest valley neighborhood.

it happened Wednesday morning near El Capitan Way and Lone Mountain Road.

The homeowner recorded his confrontation with the woman after he says he found the alleged car burglar inside his neighbor’s SUV. The suspect was also spotted on security cameras.

“Yeah folks, this person is stealing everything from you guys,” Jeff Cuddy can be heard saying as he is recording the video.

He recorded a woman he says was looking to steal from cars left unlocked. The suspect covers her face as she walks out the gated community in the northwest valley.

Cuddy confronted the suspect.

“And I’m sure you’re going to punch in a code to walk out that gate aren’t you?  No. You’re going to crawl under it like a little cockroach, out here stealing from people.”

The woman is seen crawling under the gates to leave. But before that, Cuddy spotted her on his surveillance cameras.

“My dog started barking. I looked out the window and saw a girl walking. I thought maybe she was handing out fliers, had a duffle bag,” he said.

After hearing Cuddy’s dog bark, she makes a U-turn and heads across the street.

At this point, Cuddy has his eyes on her and he says he can see her trying to open the doors of a white SUV parked out front.

“I thought well that’s kind of weird, cause she didn’t pass by the other neighbor’s house and then I saw her grab a door handle, walked to the next one, grabbed a door handle and I thought oh and I went to grab my cell phone.”

Cuddy says he saw her inside the vehicle and confronted her, taking several pictures.

“Asked her what she was doing in the car and all that.”

He follows her to the gates as he keeps questioning the woman.

“Doesn’t matter if they can afford it or not, it’s the principle of thing. You’re a thief,” he can be heard saying to the woman.

“All of us work hard for everything we have. ‘They can afford it’ is not a good excuse.”

The owner of the white SUV says the woman got away with some ties and he’ll be locking his doors from now on.

He’s also thankful his neighbor jumped into action. It’s unclear how many cars the suspect targeted and how much property might have been taken. The incident has been reported to Metro.

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