Judge rules 200,000 lbs of illegal fireworks can be transported to Moapa Tribe purchaser


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Reports show roughly 200,000 pounds of illegal fireworks were confiscated from Michael Paglia in June. Paglia appeared in court on Wednesday with hopes of reclaiming the taken fireworks, and his wish was granted.

Wednesday afternoon when court reconvened, the judge ruled to allow for the fireworks to be transported to the Moapa Tribe purchaser.

Paglia was the focus of a multi-division investigation focused on cracking down on the sale of illegal fireworks. The confiscated fireworks were items listed on Clark County’s “dangerous firework” list. The haul included firecrackers, cherry bombs, M-80s, M-60s, bottle rockets, roman candles, and large aerial display fireworks.

The report describes the facility Paglia was operating out of as the “Amazon warehouse of fireworks” and neighbors said there was often an overwhelming smell of sulfur.

In his defense, Paglia said that he was a long-term fireworks dealer and he obtained his items directly from China. They were shipped into California and brought by truck to Nevada. He claims that the Native American reservation in Moapa Valley had purchased the large number of fireworks, but couldn’t store it.

Paglia does not possess to required local or state licenses needed to store or sell fireworks, which led to the confiscation.

The court will gather all the profits and decided how to distribute those on July 19. 

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