Man arrested in connection to 2017 Roberto’s Taco Shop stabbing


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas police have released the mug shot of Elbrixsth Arroyo, who was arrested in connection to a June 20, 2017, stabbing that occurred at a Roberto’s Taco Shop at 6650 Vegas Drive.

During that incident, one employee was stabbed approximately 17 times while another employee had been battered. At the time officers believed there were three suspects involved, two Hispanic males and one Hispanic female.

According to both victims, the three suspects entered the restaurant and after some time looking at the menu decided to place an order. One of the customers made a specific request to his order that was out of the ordinary and the employee explained to the customer that he could not accommodate the request. The customers immediately got upset and an argument

As this argument started to escalate, the other employee approached and asked him if he could help and decided that in order to calm the customers down that he was going to accommodate the request, however, there would be an additional charge for this change in the order. The employees and the suspects continued to argue and both men then came around to the other side of the counter to confront the employees.

The two men began punching one employee and then one progressed to stabbing him with a knife. At one point in time, the other employee went to the aid of his peer and he was punched by a suspect. The employee who was being stabbed then fell to the ground, grabbed a phone, and was able to get to a phone to dial 911.

Officers say two weeks into investigating the incident they received a telephone call from an anonymous person saying that they saw the incident reported on the news and felt sorry for the victim and his family. They stated that they only know the social media name of the suspect.

After looking at different social media photos, police say it became apparent that this was the same suspect involved in battering (punching) both victims based upon the description, height, weight, and tattoos. A search of the agencies investigative database revealed that there was a gang member by the name of Elbrixsth Arroyo with the same moniker

At this point in time, only Elbrixsth Arroyo has been identified. The woman and the man that actually stabbed the victim remain unknown.

Arroyo is being charged with Conspiracy to Commit Attempt Murder; Conspiracy to Commit Battery with a Deadly Weapon.

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