Man arrested for robbery at TJ Maxx store used BB gun

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The man accused of waving a gun around and causing panic at a TJ Maxx store in northwest Las Vegas was armed with a BB gun.

Jason Mote was arrested Tuesday after police responded to a call of an armed gunman in a business. 

According to his arrest report, he had been in the store following a female customer around when he pointed a gun into the air and then at the woman’s head and he began yelling. He took the woman’s purse. Another customer who was trying to find her teen daughter encountered Mote and he also pointed the gun at her head and threatened to shoot her. This caused employees and patrons to run for cover or get out of the store, if possible. 

This was around the time police started receiving phone 9-1-1 calls.

Mote, 34, walked around in the store pushing the woman’s cart which contained the stolen purse and some clothing. He stopped to remove his shirt and go through the woman’s purse, the report said.

He did exit the store and was arrested by an NHP officer.

There was confusion whether Mote was alone or with an accomplice. He was identified as the sole suspect.

He is facing charges of robbery with the use of a deadly weapon and burglary with the use of a deadly weapon. He may also face additional charges for the seven people who were in fear of their lives and hid inside the store.

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