Man accused of targeting, attacking the homeless indicted by grand jury


A man accused of attacking a homeless “decoy” mannequin earlier this year was indicted by the Clark County Grand Jury Wednesday.

Shane Schindler, 30, was arrested on Feb. 22.  The grand jury indicted him on the following charges:

  • Attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon
  • Carrying a concealed firearm or other deadly weapon 

According to Schindler’s arrest report, he was observed hitting the mannequin, disguised to be a sleeping homeless person, with a hammer.  However, Schindler told police he knew it was a mannequin.

But, the report said, “the decoy mannequin was staged in a manner which would have made it impossible for Schindler to have determined the mannequin was not a human being before he struck.”

The mannequin was placed in the same spot 46-year-old Daniel Aldape was sleeping when he was killed. Aldape, a homeless man, was found dead on Jan. 3 at the corner of Ogden Avenue and City Parkway.

The coroner said he had died from the blows to the head.  After Aldape was killed in January, another homeless man was found dead at the same intersection on Feb. 3.

The body of 60-year-old David Dunn was found on the opposite corner. His cause of death was also from blows to the head.

According to the report, Schindler approached the decoy around 3 a.m. and was carrying a hammer in a Little Caesar’s Pizza bag. The report said, he stayed in the area for a while before taking the hammer out of the bag and striking the mannequin several times.  However, Schindler pulled his hood up over his head to conceal his face, Metro said.

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