A Las Vegas man was indicted Wednesday by the Clark County grand jury for making terrorist threats.

Police said they watched Bryce Cuellar say he will begin killing, and that he will fire his gun to start a civil war with the United States and the government.  They said Cuellar also mentioned targeting particular groups of people such as homosexuals.

The evidence in the case was a 15-minute rant on YouTube where Cuellar spoke about how he was tired of America and the government trying to take away his First and Second Amendment rights.
According to an arrest report, the July 1 post has since been removed by Google who alerted authorities because of concern the company had that people were in danger.  8 News NOW did some digging and found another YouTube page that appeared to be connected to Cuellar.

Police said the video at the center of the indictment was similar to martyrdom and propaganda videos produced by international terrorist organizations.  Cuellar was also seen in a picture in military gear with a sniper rifle and AR-15 type of gun.  There were also pictures on Facebook of Cuellar in military gear.

Detectives say once they questioned the 24-year-old, he said he was not a killer and was just angry and drunk in the video.  Cuellar is currently in jail and faces several charges including one related to making threats of terrorism.

He was also placed on a mental health hold after his arrest in July.

However, Cuellar is no stranger to police. Records indicate hee’s been arrested before and police note in the past three years, he’s become more radical and aggressive in his anti-government beliefs.