Major changes expected to turn Arts District into next happening area downtown


Major changes expected to turn Arts District into next happening area downtown

The Arts District is an up-and-coming area of downtown Las Vegas, and this major revitalization just hit $60 million, and it’s almost done.  But some business owners say the construction is scaring some customers away.

Rebar owner Derek Stonebarger oversees the area as board president of the Arts District. 

“With all the construction happening it’s been tough for a lot of the businesses,” Stonebarger said.

Downtown’s Arts District is an area that had been neglected for five long decades, until the improvements came along. 

“We’ll have artists and vendors for special events outside,” said Stonebarger. “You know, ‘First Friday’ can run all down Main Street.

Main Street, just like Commerce, is now a one-way street. 

Improvements include added bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and a whole new storm drain system.  It all started a few blocks away back in 2014 and should be completed in early August.  

Atomic age is the 50s; future retro is the theme inside Atomic Style Lounge, a hair salon that because of the construction is now bracing for a slower spring, which is usually the peak season. 

Atomic Lounge is an example of the area’s revival because the building was just an old shell of itself when they first moved in.

“Deep crevices all throughout the space and we thought what better way to take advantage of the history than to fill it with resin,” said Jenn Hunter, Co-owner, Atomic Style Lounge.

And there’s even more history hiding around the area. 

“This was the former headquarters of the atomic testing commission in Nevada, so this was their propaganda office in the 50s during the testing out in the desert,” Hunter said.

As many as 350 business make up the Arts District, and just about all of them are locally owned, with their own unique flair. 

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