Students either seeking a career as a first responder or the dependent of a first responder are eligible to apply for scholarships being offered by Macy’s.

The five “Vegas Strong” scholarships total $50,000 and are being administered through the Public Education Foundation’s Scholarship Program.

“Like all Southern Nevadans, our team at The Public Education Foundation was heartbroken following the tragedy on 1 October,” said Judi Steele, President & CEO of The Public Education Foundation. 

Three of the scholarships will be for students seeking a career as a first responder and two will be for dependents of first responders.

“When Las Vegas was attacked, it was the first responders on the front lines working to mitigate damage, save lives, and restore order,” said Lisa Allen, Macy’s Las Vegas District Merchant.  “We are proud to offer scholarships to dependents of those who were there for the community in its time of need and those aspiring to dedicate their lives similarly.”

The scholarships are in the amount of $2,500 each and may be renewed each year of the student’s schooling for a two-or-four-year post-secondary degree.

The deadline for the “Vegas Strong” scholarships is Feb. 20, 2018. You can visit the Public Education Foundation’s website for more information, click here. Search for: “Macy’s Gives: ‘Vegas Strong’ Future First Responders’ Scholarship” or “Macy’s Gives: ‘Vegas Strong’ First Responders’ Dependent Scholarship”.