LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Lyft drivers in Las Vegas are learning how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and how they can help if they suspect their riders may be victims.

Nevada ranks 10th in the national for the total number of human trafficking cases. The Nevada Coalition to Prevent the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children estimates there are more than 5,600 victims of child sex trafficking in the state.

Drivers are being educated on what to look for and how to report cases to the human trafficking hotline or 911.

The ride share company has partnered with Business Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) and the Dressember Foundation to train the drivers.

“According to survivors of labor and sex trafficking that BEST has interviewed, people who experience human trafficking are frequently in driving services for transportation,” explains Mar Brettmann, PhD, CEO of BEST.

Lyft said its human trafficking prevention aligns with the company’s commitment to effect positive change and to build and maintain safe communities.