The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will host ‘First Tuesday’ on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m.

The open house event is designed to raise community awareness about subjects that directly impact our citizens. 

Below is a list of all of the topics that will be discussed. All meetings (except Enterprise) will be held at the Area Command:

Bolden Area Command
Holiday Safety

Enterprise Area Command
Retail Theft and Property Crimes (Windmill Library, 7060 W. Windmill Ln.)

Downtown Area Command
Credit Card Fraud & Skimmers

Northeast Area Command
Auto Theft Prevention

South Central Area Command
Air Support

Northwest Area Command
Mount Charleston is Part of NWAC Too!

Southeast Area Command
Parole and Probation

South Central Area Command
Financial Crimes

Spring Valley Area Command

Spring Valley Area Command
Active Assailant

Meetings are open to the public.