LVCVA construction causes concern to residential neighborhoods


A chorus of construction equipment, provided a preview Tuesday of the work to come as the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority embarked on a $1.4 billion expansion and overhaul of its facilities.

The work is expected to happen over a tight 19-month timetable, as Las Vegas fights with other major cities to remain the convention destination king.

The LVCVA plans to petition the zoning commission Wednesday for permission to work during the overnight hours.o help them complete construction as quickly as possible.

However, people living in the area are less than excited about the project.

Patrick Walker, 8 News NOW Reporter: “When did they actually start doing utility work?”
Paul Buller: “Eh, it’s been about 6 months ago.”

Buller is the president of the Turnberry Place Community Association.  More than half of the complex’s 780 residents live adjacent to the construction site.

“There’s going to be nighttime construction, that is 24-hour construction, 144 days out of the 19-month window that they’ve given us in the construction schedule,” Buller said.

Buller says the night work, along with a proposed loading dock are causes for concern.
The Westgate shares those concerns.
In a statement, the hotel’s president and general manager says, “we were surprised by the current design, which is substantially different from what we were shown in the past and may present certain challenges to the surrounding neighborhood.”

The president also said that they are committed to working with the LVCVA on the matter. 

The county zoning commission is expected to approve the LVCVA’s request on Wednesday.

Buller says he hopes to establish a more open dialog as the project moves forward.

“We’re very supportive of the project, and we understand how important this project is to the valley,” Buller said. “We think that there’s ways to do this project in the time that they’re allotted to do it, without causing such disruption to the neighbors, including ourselves.” 

8 News NOW asked the LVCVA about their request for overnight work, and it said it will wait for the zoning commission’s vote Wednesday before issuing any comments.

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