LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Neighbors are divided over a project to build a low-income community near north Decatur and the 215.

On Tuesday, a planning commission meeting was held to discuss the proposal and gather public input.

The majority opposed the new community moving into the neighborhood.

A top concern expressed at the meeting by nearby residents was the possibility of increased crime and congestion the new development could bring.

“Our number one concern is the high-density component and it’s not the income. The amount of pressure that will be put on that location, by traffic and school and emergency responses,” Ida Zeiler a nearby resident said.

While other residents at the meeting told 8 News Now they believed a lot of good can come from it.

“It does improve the neighborhood and increases property value and lowers crime,” George Gekakis said. “They have a lot of fears regarding affordable housing and it’s people just like you or me.”

The 276-unit facility would be located on Rome and Decatur.

The nearly 9.5 acres of land was provided to the City of Las Vegas by the Bureau of Land Management and marked solely to be used for affordable housing.

Through a bidding process, a company called Ovation won the bid. The company now plans on managing the property for 15 years.

In the end, commissioners for the city voted on a 60-day hold and said they will revisit the discussion on September 13.