LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The song “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2 seems fitting as the band prepares to open Las Vegas’ first-of-its-kind entertainment venue. The Sphere, located on the Strip, will open its doors Friday to host its first concert.

U2 will take the stage for a sold-out evening concert and perform more than two dozen shows over the next few months. What should one expect? No one is quite sure about the inside of the Sphere but locals and visitors alike have had a preview that has been captivating. Its exterior digital screen lit up on the Fourth of July weekend with a fireworks show and since then everything from an emoji to some spectacular colorful, visual images have been displayed.

Nicky Hirst and her family have lived in Las Vegas the past two years while her husband has worked on the Sphere.

“Can’t even believe it. I am humbled beyond belief,” Hirst said. “And to see all the incredible people who have worked so hard to bring this together. I think I am mostly excited to see all of their faces and to see inside.”

Her daughter Madeline added, “I think it’s really cool because we spent two years here and it’s just really cool how it comes together.”

The more than $2 billion project boosts an immersive sound system with 160,000 speakers and more than 260 million video pixels. The venue can seat as many as 20,000 people who will be greeted by a humanoid robot when they enter the experience.

Tickets for the inaugural concert start around $400 and parking at the Sphere will cost $100.

There will also be another show, “Postcard from Earth” starting at Sphere in early October. Those tickets start at around $49. You can more information on the Sphere and its upcoming events at this link.