Locals react to judge’s decision to throw out case against Bundy family


The case against rancher Cliven Bundy and co-defendant sons was dropped Monday, causing a big celebration and loud cheer outside the federal courthouse as supporters gather to see the Bundys walk out free. 

“Many of us have been expecting this decision,” said Vincent Eisley II, Bundy supporter.

Greg Whalen brought a memento to show support, a sign the Bureau of Land Management agents put up while conducting cattle roundups in 2014.

“This is what this whole thing is about — the constitution,” Whalen said.  “It’s about the constitution. I took an oath to the constitution as a veteran.”

Among the crowd was Andrea Parker, the wife of  Eric Parker who was facing over 100 years in prison. But, after two hung juries, her husband took a plea deal for his role in the Bunkerville standoff.

“I lost all faith in our justice system but what we’re seeing upstairs, what I’ve heard today gives me faith in our justice system,” Andrea Parker said.

Not everyone was happy the case was thrown out.

“I find it really opponent that all these people can get together and train guns on our police officers and get away with it,” said Slick Rock Stranger, upset about judge’s decision. “This is a sad day in America.”

Stranger says he drove from Salt Lake City to make sure his voice was heard.  People with the Center for Biological Diversity had the same idea.

“The Bundy’s are getting off scott free after organizing a militia to point weapons at federal law enforcement officers,” said Patrick Donnelly, Nevada state director, Center for Biological Diversity.” 

Both opponents and proponents of the Bundys said they believed the case was mishandled by the prosecutors.

Bundy supporters say their fight is not over because other defendants are awaiting trial for their role in the Bunkerville standoff.

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