Local veterinarian addresses Thanksgiving table tips when it comes to feeding pets


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — All dogs love to chew but what is a safe chew toy to give your dogs?

8 News Now’s Kirsten Joyce checked in with Dr. Jamie Augenstein, the medical director of Oasis Animal hospital in Henderson.

“We have two very strong recommendations, make sure you can create an indentation on the chew toy with your fingernail. If you cannot do that, it is too hard for your pet’s teeth and they could break a tooth. Even the large breed dogs can break their teeth, I’ve seen it with pit bulls that have come in with broken teeth, and broken teeth are painful,” said Dr. Augenstein.

She goes on to talk about the importance of dental care for pets, “Chews that are good for dental care will have been certified by the Veterinary Oral Health Council with a seal of approval. That means they have been checked by a group of veterinary dentists to make sure they actually do help with dental care, good things for them to chew on, proven to help minimize tartar.”

Dr. Augenstein then goes on to talk about the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday and what to watch out for when feeding your pet leftovers.

“This is the perfect time to remind people of the dangers associated with Thanksgiving dinners. Please do not give your pets turkey bones or chicken bones. Carcass can cause problems in the GI tract. The grease drippings can lead to pancreatitis or diarrhea. People like to give ham, but it’s very high in fat, the bones can cause serious problems once again, I had a dog swallow and it got stuck around his jaw, and we literally had to cut the bone off, be careful when you are giving bones,” Dr. Augenstein added.

Another tip for pet owners, it’s important to be cautious of the onions and garlic in a lot of the seasonings and even the stuffing.

Anything with raisins or grapes will be bad, and a reminder, desserts, especially if chocolate or sugar-free, can cause serious problems for pets.

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