Series of massive cyberattacks knocked out several leading websites across the country. This was a DDOS attack. That’s the acronym for distributed denial of service. That’s when a flood of manufactured web traffic overwhelms servers, making it nearly impossible to access them and interrupting business.

While major retailers were affected, experts warn that this can happen to anyone.

Troy Wilkinson is the CEO of Axiom Cyber Solutions. His company has been helping local companies after Friday’s attack.

Problems began after 7:00am Friday on the east coast. After about two hours, sites were back. Then a second wave of attacks just before noon Friday affecting dozens of popular websites. Wilkinson told us, “people who have their business online are losing millions of dollars every hour that their down.”

No one knows the impact of Friday’s attack. Wilkinson says it only takes seconds to steal personal information and identities. It’s what happened Bill Johnson before. Johnson says, “it actually angered me, it made me follow up on it.”

Johnson did his own research, alerting authorities, tracking down cyber theives and finding their city and even phone number. Johnson says, “I told him the feds were onto him, the local police was onto him, everybody was onto him; they knew who he was and he’d better knock it off.”

All ended well for bill, but security experts warn you to safeguard yourself as much as possible by first changing access information. Wilkinson says, “if you have anything that touches the internet, make sure you go in tonight and change that password that it’s not talking out an attack.”

Secondly, have an anti-virus on every device you own. Wilkinson says, “you can also have a firewall in your house to protect the people inside your home from these kind of attacks.”