LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— $285 million is coming to Nevada to fight the opioid epidemic.
On Monday, Nevada attorney general Aaron Ford and local leaders gathered to address the money that comes from three settlements with drug distributors and manufacturer

Some of the money is set to come this week and the state is working on how it will go towards helping the fight.

Joe engle runs the nonprofit, “There is no hero in heroin” to help those fighting opioid addiction.
His son, Reese Engle, died from a heroin overdose.
He says southern Nevada needs more on-demand treatment options

“my dream world if that someone is sick and they want you can come in, and you can have a safe place to sleep under medical supervision,” says Engle, “we need medical detox no questions asked and then we need long term case management after that.”

the funds are expected to be distributed by late summer or fall.
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