LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The pandemic has impacted many businesses in different ways. It has changed the way many people communicate, work, and even feel about themselves.

Zoom is having its moment, and many women are having an “ah-ha moment.”

Poor lighting, bad cameras, staring at yourself on convergence calls, it’s creating a rush on cosmetic enhancements.

Some call it a pandemic surge when much of the world was focused on retaining business.

Melanie Speed the owner of Flawless Med Spa, says her business expanded and tripled its size.

“We brought on another injector because the demand was so much we couldn’t keep up with it,” adds Speed.

She is a certified nurse practitioner and certified aesthetic nurse specialist. Speed adds that her business is booming, with many first-timers looking for that beauty boost.

“We’ve kind of experienced what I like to call the Zoom Boom,” she tells 8 News Now. “People are at home, they’re working from home. They’re on facetime or zoom more than ever. They’re seeing things about their face and angles on their face that they’ve never seen before. I think it made people a lot more self-conscious.”

Lina Weil is a patient at the spa and says taking her business virtual did exactly that.

“When you get on Zoom you see like very little wrinkle, it’s more about looking better and feeling better about yourself,” she added.

Speed says her top three requested procedures these days include, lip filler, botox, and cheek fillers.

“What happens when we age is that we lose the volume in the mid-face the areas between the eyes and mouth, so we lose the fat pads and it creates what is like the melting snowman,” Speed explains.

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is also reporting a boom in surgical procedures for the same reasons, the ability to recover at home and healing with masks.