LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One day after 8 News Now featured a houseboat at Lake Mead that was stuck on dry land, the houseboat is back on the water thanks to the hard work of several YouTube content creators, better known as YouTubers.

Craig Miller’s large houseboat became stuck on June 4 after he came to shore to repair a broken engine. But while he waited for the repair the water level dropped so fast that his houseboat was soon high and dry sitting completely out of the water.

With options running out, Miller struck gold when father and son YouTubers Adrian Jr. and Adrian Sr. saw him while they were shooting another video about the low water levels at the lake.

Adrian Jr. (left) and Craig Miller (right). (Photo: Sin City Outdoors)

The video they published on their YouTube site, Sin City Outdoors, was viewed almost 2 million times within a couple of days. But almost immediately it caught the attention of Dave Sparks.

Sparks is from Salt Lake City and is also a YouTuber. His channel is called HeavyDSparks and lately, he’s done several high-profile recoveries. Recently 8 NewsNow talked with Sparks when he recovered a large stuck RV in Esmeralda County.

Within a day of Sparks seeing the video he and his team were on their way to Lake Mead. Arriving late Thursday Sparks and his team secured permission from the National Park Service to do the recovery and were in the water with a powerful boat ready to pull Miller’s houseboat off the shore.

It took a few hours, but finally, Sparks was able to pull Miller’s boat back into the lake and escorted it to the nearby Callville Bay marina.

Both Sin City Outdoors and HeavyDSparks plan to publish a full video of the recovery Saturday on their respective YouTube channels.