LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Youtube trends expert Maddy Buxton says the top 10 trending video list for this year has traditional mainstream content.

Examples include “The weekend Super Bowl halftime show,” to a very special golden buzzer moment on America’s Got Talent audition.

It’s what Buxton calls “new mainstream” content coming from top creators who are known for their comedic sketches and others for outlandish challenges.

The top three that had everybody talking this year included, a video from a former NASA engineer turned science creator named Mark Rober.

“Known for doing really elaborate experiments, glitter spewing device with a recording camera that he uses to catch package thieves, in this video, he is using to catch phone scammers, something I think we can all relate to,” Buxton tells 8 News Now.

The second most popular video was from a gaming creator named Dream. He tries to do a speed run, finish a Minecraft game as quickly as possible.

Some other video trends this year, Buxton said have to do with top creators responding to audience demand and turning what might have started as one-off hits, into sequels, creating franchise-like experiences that are resonating with their viewers.