LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Hundreds of thousands of new jobs were added to the U.S. economy last month, but many are working one job on top of another.

As inflation kicks, seemingly, the cost of everything up, some people in the Las Vegas valley say they are forced to double up and get multiple jobs.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in November alone, 263,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy. This follows a nationwide increase that has held steady since the onset of the pandemic.

In Las Vegas, 4,900 jobs were added in October, according to the most recent data from the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation. The largest sector within these new jobs is leisure and hospitality, followed by trade, transportation, utilities, business, and education and health services.

However, buried at the end of the federal report, shows 4.9% of the workforce, or 7.782 million people, hold at least two jobs nationwide. It is the highest percentage since November 2021.

Businesses across the valley are taking the opportunity to offer these positions at a time when the cost of living and other goods have skyrocketed. The Westgate Hotel, for example, says they have not been fully staffed for years and were hoping to fill some outstanding positions through a job fair Tuesday morning.

Brandon Muse was one of several who waited in a line outside the hotel’s concierge lounge to apply. He says he works security at a property next to the hotel, and as of Tuesday, at the hotel too.

“One’s full-time and the other one’s part-time,” Muse said after being offered the security position. “I need extra money. Everything’s going up. Rent’s going up. I want to have money in my pocket. I want to feel a little bit comfortable.”

Elijah St. Louis joins Muse in the security department after getting the same job Tuesday, saying his other on-call security job may pay the bills, but not his lifestyle.

“I like to play (video) games a lot, and it’s not a cheap hobby,” St. Louis said inside the hotel’s concierge lounge. When asked why one job does not suffice, he says he was “just going day by day, living paycheck to paycheck, not really having fun. You’re just living to exist.”

Others say the second job is to hold them over until their primary job takes off. Kevin Rogers sported a black suit with a red shirt, pocket square, and dress shoes to his kitchen worker interview at the hotel after being unemployed for over eight months in 2020 and waiting for his mechanic business to take off.

“It’s getting kind of hard, you know, with the holidays,” Rogers said. “It’d be good to get a consistent job that’s bringing in a little bit more money because it’s not always easy working out the back of your trunk.”

A Westgate communication official said that they found success in offering employee referrals to qualified and potential people. After 90 days, both employees would receive the bonus.

Regardless of what businesses are doing to attract new employees, whether already employed or not, Nevada continues to hold the second-highest rate of unemployment nationwide at 4.6%.