LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Despite the calendar, skiers and snowboarders are headed to Lee Canyon late in the season for a bonus snowstorm that promises excellent conditions well into the spring season.

8 News Now spoke to winter sports enthusiasts in their element.

“Storms like this in early March are what keep us going for the rest of the season usually so, up to two feet this Saturday, another foot possibly next week. If it stays like this it’s gonna really be a beautiful next couple of weeks,” Abigail Mrachko, ski patrol at Lee Canyon said.

When all is said and done with the storm, skiers and snowboarders are going to be in a very positive state of mind.

“The conditions are awesome right now. I mean the snow we got over the last two day have been great, conditions right now are definitely at peak. We haven’t had a season like this in quite some time,” Audel Diaz said.

Lee Canyon recommends that everyone planning to visit prepares ahead of time.

“Check, call 511, they will information on Spring Mountain roads up here and if there’s any restrictions,” Jim Seely, marketing director for Lee Canyon, said.

“It’s getting crazy out there the snow is coming down like no other it feels like Utah snow but it’s not. You just feel like you’re in heaven,” snowboarder Johnny Boy said.