LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Xavier Mortimer is an award-winning international magician with several prestigious best of Las Vegas Awards, including the one for Best Magic Show in Las Vegas. And come Dec. 31, Mortimer will be in our Countdown to 2021 New Year’s Eve show.

Xavier Mortimer’s love for magic started as a child in the north of France.

He brought that fascination to Las Vegas and told stories by combining magic, theatre, and the arts.

Xavier Mortimer: “Seven years ago, I started with Circque du Soleil. They said you should open your show in Las Vegas. That was scary.”
Kirsten Joyce, 8 News Now Anchor: “But now not so scary right? 
Xavier Mortimer: We’ve been working hard, after six months to a year, the show started to really settle, get our audience, have people come every day, and that’s the beauty of it, you go for it, you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

After a four-year run, the coronavirus pandemic happened, so Mortimer’s show, ‘A Magical Dream,” which is at Bally’s was placed on hold, so he had to improvise. He took his illusions to social media.

“I started to publish little videos on Tik Tok and Instagram, and a friend called to say you should do longer formats,” Mortimer said. 

Within months he became the most followed Las Vegas Strip magician on social media. The “Amazing Allie Sparks” was right by his side as Belle.

“I think it’s so amazing to lift people up because everyone is so down with everything that’s going wrong, so it’s it’s really important to remind them, [there are] still moments to laugh and have fun and enjoy yourself,” said Sparks. 

Kirsten Joyce: “How many followers do you have now?”

Xavier Mortimer: “8 million — crazy because I started with zero basically.”

Mortimer says he can’t wait to perform live again on a stage. , but until businesses return to normal on the las vegas strip, Mortimer and his director are in the process of upgrading their show to include some of his best online illusions. 

“I’m humbled; it’s a great experience,” he said.