LAS VEGAS (KLAS) Wynn Resorts has released a 23-page document outlining their new health and sanitation plan once the Las Vegas Strip re-opens.

Properties up and down the Las Vegas Strip are still dark due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The State of Nevada is still shut down and Governor Steve Sisolak has said he is relying on medical professionals to determine when it will re-open. A big question on many minds is: what will the Las Vegas Strip look like once that day comes?

Wynn Resorts is thinking ahead to when they will re-open and they have released an outline of their new Health and Sanitation Program.

“We’ve never seen a closure of this kind ever before in Nevada history,” said David Schwartz, a UNLV gaming historian and hospitality expert.

After more than a month of closures, Wynn Las Vegas is preparing to get back to business. But CEO Matthew Maddox says safety is his number one priority. That is why they have created the Health and Sanitation Program.

It involves thermal cameras for temperature checks and points of entry; strict physical distancing throughout the casino floor, check-in and pool areas; and more signage reminding people how to properly wear and dispose of masks and gloves.

All employees are being told to wash their hands every 60 minutes, and there are also new cleaning procedures for housekeeping and dining staff.

For guests, only four people will be allowed in an elevator at the same time, and staff will clean the button panels at least once per hour. When guests first arrive, they will be asked to use hand sanitizer and wear a mask, which will be provided to them by the resort. Valet services will be suspended until further notice.

“Instead of luxury being the priority, health is a priority now,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz says that all properties on the Las Vegas Strip will need to adapt. But another big question is, even with all the changes, will visitors even show up?

“We don’t know how comfortable people are going to be traveling once this happens,” Schwartz said.” So we would have to be prepared to reopen the casinos and not have a lot of people coming, because they might not want to fly.”

The shutdown is currently scheduled to end on May 1st, but it could be extended. Maddox believes an incremental re-opening is what needs to happen soon. In a statement Maddox said, in part, “The only way to cross this river is one stone at a time and we need to put our feet in the water before it is too late.”

While things are uncertain, experts are hopeful for the future.

“Las Vegas is adaptable, and it’s still going to be here,” Schwartz said.

Wynn Resorts say they will continue to update their plan, according to advice from experts.

Wynn was one of the first properties to close before Gov. Sisolak issued the closure of all nonessential businesses in March.

The company announced soon after the closures that they would pay all of their 15,000 full-time and part-time employees for 60 days, through May 15.

Wynn Resorts says it is costing them approximately $3 million per day, or $180 million for two months, to pay their employees.