LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Wynn Resorts has filed a lawsuit in District Court in the aftermath of a Labor Day fight — one of several that marred an otherwise quiet holiday.

The lawsuit, which does not name any defendants but indicates there are 20 people Wynn blames for the violence, follows public statements on Monday by police and Wynn representatives saying violence will not be tolerated. Attorneys say the lawsuit will be amended when defendants can be identified.

Detailing actions caught on video in the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 6, the lawsuit tells how the conflict unfolded.

An unknown male dispersed cash in the air (“made it rain”) in front of the Encore Lobby Bar. Due to that action, a crowd formed. As that group of 15-20 persons were being escorted out of the Encore Las Vegas by Wynn security, an unknown male (M1) and unknown woman were walking into the same area and words were exchanged between M1 and an unknown male being escorted out of the premises at the time (M2). M1 confronted M2, M2 sucker punched M1, and a fight began. Multiple unknown males and females were involved.

The lawsuit says one person hit several others with a liquor bottle. Two security officers were attacked during the fight.

A statement in the lawsuit reads:

By this action, Wynn seeks to honor its long-held commitment to protect the safety and security of its guests and employees. Be assured, Wynn will not sit idly by when anyone engages in mayhem or flouts government-imposed safety measures in violation of Nevada law. Wynn will aggressively pursue all options to hold these individuals accountable even after they flee from Wynn’s buildings and away from Nevada’s borders. In taking such action, Wynn seeks to quash any mistaken belief that Wynn would ever tolerate any intrusion upon the safety and wellbeing of its guests and employees. Wynn will not.

The lawsuit specifies damages in excess of $15,000 to property and also the resort’s image. In addition, the lawsuit seeks attorney’s fees and court costs and “any further relief this court deems proper.”

It argues that participants in the violence actied “in concert or pursuant to a common design” and “created publicity in a matter concerning Wynn that placed Wynn before the public in a false light.”

The lawsuit was filed by the Las Vegas firm Semenza Kircher Rickard.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department continues to investigate the incident.