Wynn Resorts files lawsuit against Resorts World for alleged trademark infringement

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Wynn Resorts is suing its new neighbor on the Strip. The company claims Resorts World, a new property under construction is copying its design.

Wynn Resorts believes the Resorts World property looks too much like the Wynn and Encore, so Wynn Resorts filed a trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit against Resorts World.

“The design is totally different on that one,” said Emmanuel Estrada, someone who believes the designs look different.  “You can tell by the windows on the shade; on that one is totally different.”

“The glass in the front and the white stripes, just by putting the red on the side doesn’t change it. I definitely thought it was confusing,” said Rhau Sadhwani, someone who believes the designs look the same.

What Sadhwani said is actually a claim in the lawsuit, stating that the similarities in design is “misleading the consuming public into falsely believing that it is affiliated” with Wynn Resorts properties.

More noticeably, the Encore and Wynn have a curved structure with bronze glass and light-colored horizontal lines between the glass panes, and Resorts World has it as well.  The complaint says that Wynn Resorts owns the copyright and the trade dress, which is essentially the architectural design.

8 News NOW spoke with Scott Roeben of Vital Vegas about the lawsuit after he published an article on his website that says in part, “observers have noted the similarity.”

“At first I thought it was kind of a nice homage, but now I’m thinking the lawyers aren’t gonna go for it,” Roeben said. “I think Resorts World has invested a lot in that glass so it’s; to change course it’s gonna be really, really expensive. It might be even more expensive than getting into those lawsuits so it will be interesting to watch how this goes.”

Wynn Resorts wants Resorts World to change its look, along with pay up, but a dollar amount was not specified.

In the meantime, while the courts figure it out, the debate will continue between onlookers.

“They always want more money,” said Estrada. “It wouldn’t surprise me at all. 

“To me why would that company want to build something that looks exactly like that,” Sadhwani said.

The owners of Resorts World, the Genting Group, says “RWLV is in the process of reviewing the complaint with its legal counsels and will strenuously defend the claim and take all necessary legal action, as appropriate.”

The attorneys for Resorts World plan to file a response to the court by the deadline of Jan. 14.

Resorts World is set to open in 2020.

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