LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Wynn Las Vegas is putting new security measures in place on weekends, requiring customers to be screened for metal objects and putting more uniformed officers in place.

The moves follow a fight on Labor Day Weekend that prompted an aggressive lawsuit by Wynn, and problems at other properties on the Las Vegas Strip that included shootings recently.

The company started a pilot program “a few weeks ago” and is rolling out the changes at Wynn and Encore. Wynn Resorts notes that all the recent problems have occurred on weekends.

“On six of our main public doors, we’ve added additional security,” said Wynn Las Vegas Vice President of Security Todd Fasulo.

Wynn Las Vegas Vice President of Security Todd Fasulo talks with 8NewsNow reporter Orko Manna on Monday.

Fasulo tells 8 News NOW that at the main entrances and parking garages at the Wynn and the Encore, guests will be scanned for metal objects and all handbags will be screened. The resort is also adding more of their own security officers, as well as more Metro Police officers.

Here are some more details about the nighttime changes on Friday-Sunday:

  • metal scanners at entrances
  • increased number of uniformed Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers
  • increased number of uniformed security officers

“A lot of it has to do with not only some of the incidents that have been on the Strip in the last few weeks, but also the Wynn’s desire to increase our security and make our guests feel safe,” Fasulo said.

Metro Police say they have noticed an uptick in violence at or near Las Vegas Strip properties since August, which has already led to more than 1,100 arrests. Given the recent shootings and fights, tourists say they welcome the Wynn’s changes.

“Me personally, I would feel safer, knowing that there’s people ready for any madness that may occur,” said Marcus Draper, who is visiting from Los Angeles.

Mario Forgis, who is visiting from Houston, adds, “That makes us feel safer. If we want to go into a casino, we don’t want to see any crazy people trying to hurt anybody else.”

Wynn Las Vegas hopes their efforts make a difference.

“We all have a responsibility to ensure that our guests feel safe when they come to our properties,” Fasulo said.

“Wynn security team members are former federal and local law enforcement officers, former FBI agents, former counter-terrorism operators and embassy security guards, and former members from all branches of the U.S. military including Special Operations,” according to a Wynn Resorts news release.

“The security program includes crisis and tactical response, a K-9 team, mobile and stationary officers, surveillance, and other departments which the company does not disclose.”

The resort also said it will strictly enforce room key enforcement at elevators, allowing only registered guests into rooms. That rule is in place at other resorts on the Strip.

“Wynn Las Vegas is known for offering the best guest experiences,” said Marilyn Spiegel, President of Wynn Las Vegas. “These changes to our security program are devised to ensure our guests can continue to enjoy those experiences in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.”

Wynn Las Vegas plans to continue their extra safety measures “for the foreseeable future.” By the way, at Tuesday’s Clark County Commission meeting, Metro is expected to talk about the work it is doing to combat violence on the Las Vegas Strip, through a program called “Operation Persistent Pressure.”