LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is taking action to cut down on wrong-way crashes. Starting next year, drivers in southern Nevada will see new radar technology along US 95 and Interstate 15.

Four locations around Las Vegas are scheduled to receive wrong-way radars. They include I-15 at Starr Ave; US 95 at Durango Dr; US 95 at Skye Canyon Park Dr; and US 95 at Kyle Canyon Rd.

According to NDOT, these areas were chosen because they already have the infrastructure in place for the system.

The way it works is a series of flashing lights will go off once the radar detects a driver going the wrong way.

A short video of the driver will be recorded and then sent to first responders.

8 NEWS Now spoke to drivers filling up at a gas station near Skye Canyon who applauded the system.

“I mean overall it’s probably a good indicator if that helps somebody turn around. Prevent them from going down the wrong way, putting other people’s lives in danger,” said Danny Poulsen of Las Vegas.

Cathy Burch of Las Vegas agreed, “I have personally went the wrong way a couple of times. It’s gotten real confusing, I’ve been in this area for 20 years, I’ve personally made that mistake.”

“Anything that saves lives I’m all for it,” Burch added.

This technology is already in use in northern Nevada, and a multi-year study shows nearly 80 percent of drivers turned around before reaching the freeway when the lights went off.

Dnell Watson of Gary, Indiana says drivers need to take responsibility.

“Don’t do nothing wrong, don’t drink and drive,” Watson said.

Governor Steve Sisolak in a series of Tweets on Friday said the installation of this new technology will support 1,456 jobs across the state.

In addition to Las Vegas, this new wrong-way driver detection will also be installed in Carson City along Interstate 580.

These devices will be installed in early 2023, according to NDOT.