World’s largest Snickers bar unveiled in Texas

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WACO, Texas (CBS) — On Thursday, A Guinness World Record was broken in Central Texas as the largest Snickers bar in the world was put on display. The largest Snickers bar ever made, weighing nearly 4,800 pounds and reaching 12 feet, is at the Mars Wrigley Candy Factory in Waco, Texas.

Snickers connoisseur, Ruud Engbers, said they chose to go big or go home. Their bar weights 4,782 pounds, is 12 feet long, 24 inches tall and 26 inches wide. It broke the record for the largest chocolate nut bar in the world.

“The 200 pound bar is not really a large bar and in Waco we know what big is. So we chose to make an extremely large bar,” Engbers said.

The bar weighs more than a car and is nearly as long as a truck.

The Snickers’ method was to do everything step by step, layer by layer.

“We have a great group of associates that are really handy and crafty with how to make candy every day and they made it work and so in a matter few days we built this whole bar,” Engbers said.

The bar will make a starring debut in the Snickers Super Bowl commercial on Feb. 2.

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