LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — April 18 is celebrated as “National Exercise Day” every year.

It is meant to encourage everyone to move and enhance their health. The CDC recommends the average American adult needs to do 150 minutes of exercise including two days of muscle training every week to stay healthy.

Las Vegas resident and movie star Mark Wahlberg is the Chief Brand Officer of F45. It is a fitness chain that hosts 45-minute-long group workout classes where participants perform functional movements.

Wahlberg likes to stick to functional movements for his workouts. It’s something he’s learned through his lifelong journey of health and fitness.

On April 18, Wahlberg stopped by the F45 in Summerlin to share his love of fitness with those taking the 12:15 p.m. workout class.

When it comes to health and fitness, he said it is about learning as you go and passing along that wisdom to others.

“You want to be able to maintain as much muscle mass, bone density, and lung capacity. You want to live a long healthy life. Those are the things you need to focus on,” said Wahlberg.

Mistakes to avoid he said are lifting too heavy or not recovering enough, which are things he said he learned as he got older. 

He said when he is not training for a movie role, he is usually doing an F45 workout. The biggest thing is to just get moving wherever you are at.