Workers recount tragedy at Route 91 Harvest festival

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Gabriel Muello, Nathan Brown, and Katie Roybal were bartenders at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

“It sounded like the speakers were going out and at that point I think I told Nathan, I think those are gunshots,” said Roybal. 

The memories are still vivid. 

“It was about the fourth or fifth round that I knew that this was just terrible,” Brown said. 

Muelo says he can still hear the sounds from that night.

“Someone dropped something at the supermarket, I literally hit the deck. People were looking at me like I was crazy,” said Muello.  “We’re sitting here taking to you right now. There’s a lot of people who weren’t as fortunate.” 

It was day three of a 15-hour shift. Muello says he’ll never forget the feeling on the night of October 1. 

“That’s the crazy thing. I get goosebumps thinking about it. That moment when you realize that everything you saw on TV, you hear about mass shootings, like this is happening to us,” Muello said. 

Muello escaped and made it home to his dog Winston. 

“I truly believe there are angels around me because I had my cellphone, I had my ID, I had my keys all strapped to me and somehow I made it home to him,” Muello added. 

Roybal says life is different now. 

“We just worked Life is Beautiful this past weekend and we’re constantly talking about what exit we would take, how we would get through, what we would do,” Roybal said.

The trio are still healing with the community. 

“If there was positive light, I would say it’s what it did for our city that we love so much. I was thinking like what am I going to say to you? If I could say something to our town, this shows who we are. Go say hi to your neighbors, talk to each other, like the blood banks couldn’t take any more blood at one point. Imagine that?” said Muello.

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