LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Now for some health news on why women don’t take their birth control on time. More than likely, it’s because they forget to get their prescription filled.

That is the reason Dr. Sophia Yen, MD, MPH who is co-founder and CEO of Pandia Health started her company. The company delivers birth control to women across the united states with up to a year’s supply depending on the prescription.

She’s always been able to ship to all 50 states but now she and other physicians within her company also prescribe in Nevada, and half a dozen other states. Sophia says it’s about care, convenience, and confidentiality.

“We can keep stuff confidential, you fill out a questionnaire from home which are the same 20 questions that I would ask if you came into my office, for example, do you have a history of breast cancer, what does and doesn’t work for you. And then we would have you take a self-reported blood pressure from the last 364 days and call your regular doctor’s office. You can use a cuff at home or pharmacy or grocery, or a fire station,” said Yen.

Dr. Yen says there are 40 different birth control pills and if one or two didn’t work for you before, she says you can definitely find the right fit with the least amount of side effects.

She has personally written two-thousand birth control prescriptions over the past two years, and prides herself on having the only women-founded, women-doctor-led, tele-medicine company for this service.