LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Committee assignments for the Nevada Assembly for the 2023 Legislature were announced Tuesday, with nine of the 10 committees led by Clark County Democrats.

And nine of the 10 committees will be led by women as the state prepares for its second session with women in the majority at the Legislature.

The 2023 session is scheduled to begin on Feb. 6.

Assignments announced Tuesday by Democratic Speaker-elect Assemblyman Steve Yeager are:

  • Ways & Means chair: Daniele Monroe-Moreno
    • Vice chair: Shea Backus
  • Growth & Infrastructure chair: Howard Watts
    • Vice chair: Tracy Brown-May
  • Judiciary chair: Brittney Miller
    • Vice chair: Elaine Marzola
  • Health & Human Services chair: Sarah Peters
    • Vice chair: David Orentlicher
  • Government Affairs chair: Selena Torres
    • Vice Chair: Bea Duran
  • Natural Resources chair: Lesley Cohen
    • Vice Chair: Natha Anderson
  • Commerce & Labor chair: Elaine Marzola
    • Vice Chair: Sandra Jauregui
  • Legislative Operations & Elections chair: Michelle Gorelow
    • Vice Chair: Brittney Milller
  • Education chair: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod
    • Vice Chair: Angie Taylor
  • Revenue chair: Shea Backus
    • Vice Chair: Venicia Considine

Assemblywoman Sarah Peters is the only committee chair representing a district outside the Las Vegas valley. She represents a district covering part of Reno in Washoe County.

Howard Watts is the only male leader of a committee, over Growth & Infrastructure. The vice chair positions are also dominated by women, with Clark County’s David Orentlicher the only male vice chair, for Health & Human Services.