Woman’s U-Haul with deceased daughters possessions stolen in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman is urging caution after her U-Haul was stolen during a stop in Las Vegas. The vehicle contained irreplaceable items from her daughter, who had just passed away.

“It was a lot of memories. I know it’s only things, but it means a lot,” said Shielaugh Divelbiss, whose U-Haul was stolen.

Divelbiss says it was almost like losing her daughter for a second time.

Divelbiss was in the process of moving from Los Angeles to Wyoming. Divelbiss lost her daughter to ovarian cancer.

“She’ll always be with me no matter what,” said Divelbiss. “In my heart, in my spirit.”

Las Vegas was one of many stops to spread her daughter’s ashes.

“This way, she can travel the winds and say hello to all her friends. It brought closure to a lot of people,” Divelbiss said.

But what started as a memorial road trip soon felt like another loss.

On Sunday, Divelbiss woke up to find the U-Haul missing.

“I asked my friend, ‘Am I imagining this?,’ and she looked out; we couldn’t get dressed fast enough.”

Inside were irreplaceable mementos and memories of her daughter and parents.

“Heirlooms I’ve been given; everything my daughter had was in there,” said Divelbiss. “She was an illustrator; her artwork.”

Monday morning, the U-Haul was found damaged, with the tools to break-in left on the front seat. A TV, over $1,000 worth of items, suitcases, personal files, and artwork were all stolen.

“My daughter’s artwork meant everything to me,” Divelbiss said. “I mean they’re framed, they’re professionally framed one-of-a-kind pieces she used to sell at art shows.”

Divelbiss told her story because she wants to warn other drivers to stay alert, even in areas deemed safe.

“Try to park under a light, back it up against a fence where they can’t open the back of your U-Haul,” Divelbiss said. “Take a photo of the side, the back, and the license plate.”

While there was damage to the U-Haul, Divelbiss says the company was quick to repair it.

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