LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman filed a lawsuit Thursday against a Las Vegas Wendy’s after she claims she bit into a hamburger, which contained pieces of glass-like particles, breaking her teeth, a lawsuit filed in Clark County district court said.

Jennifer Haisten accuses the fast-food restaurant on Rancho Drive near Craig Road of serving her a hamburger with “hard and clear glass-like particles” in it, court documents the 8 News Now Investigators reviewed said.

“When she began to consume the hamburger prepared and cooked by Wendy’s and provided to her at the pick-up window, she experienced a tremendous sense of shock and fear as her hamburger was not juicy and tender as expected, but instead consisted of hard and clear glass-like particles that not only created loud crunching and breaking sounds, but in fact these hard and clear glass-like particles actually broke many of Ms. Haisten’s teeth,” the lawsuit said.

Haisten then spit the food into a napkin, the lawsuit said, describing the pain as “overwhelming, intense and excruciating.” Haisten alleges the “hard and clear glass-like particular” broke many of her teeth, the lawsuit said.

Haisten is asking for a jury trial and damages in excess of $15,000, which is standard in Clark County civil cases.

Wendy’s corporate office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.