HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — Family and friends are remembering a woman who lost her life trying to help a friend in need. Crystal Turner, 48, was shot and killed Monday in a Henderson neighborhood as she and two other men tried to break up a domestic dispute.

8 News Now spoke with Turner’s daughter about what happened.

Brittany Washington is trying to come to terms with losing her mom. She says Turner had a contagious laugh and a heart of gold and was there for anyone in need — just like on June 28.

Sarah Clark, 37, said her 39-year-old husband, Andre Andrews, was hurting her. When he left their house, she called friends for help. Turner, her son Brian Washington and another man, Billy Brown, were there when Andrews returned.

Police say Andrews got into a fight with them, shooting Turner in the face. The two men tried to get the gun away from him, and they were also shot.

Turner, unfortunately, passed away from her injury.

Brittany says she’s still grieving since she also lost her dad a year ago.

“After my brother was shot, he was the first one shot, my mother went after the shooter, and she was shot in the mouth,” she told 8 News Now. “But who is to say that if she didn’t jump in, my brother’s friend didn’t jump in, my brother would have been the only person shot.”

Her message to Andrews:

“I would say I consider him a coward. My brother is 5’11” and 115 pounds and was talking to you, telling you that you shouldn’t be hitting females, and you pulled a gun out on him. You got nervous and shot my brother, but you killed my mom.”

Officers investigating the scene found a black revolver in the rocks near where Andrews had been sitting. He remains hospitalized and has been booked on one count of open murder with a deadly weapon, two counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon and one count of domestic battery.

Turner is from California and leaves behind three children. A GoFundMe has been set up for her.

As for the men shot, Brown is out of the hospital, and Brian is still at Sunrise Hospital.