LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — New statistics from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department show a startling spike in car thefts this year, specifically in the Downtown Area Ccommand, which has seen a 96% increase in 2023. 

“It was stolen in the morning I believe,” Diamond, who had her car stolen last week, said. 

She detailed the moment she went outside Friday morning to realize it was taken from her Summerlin apartment complex. 

“That’s what I was just telling my mother,” Diamond told 8 News Now. “I still am in shock right now.”

Diamond filed a police report and is hoping to get it back, but for now, she is stuck waiting. 

Diamond is just one of many who have had the same thing happen, as more than 10,000 cars were reported stolen in LVMPD’s jurisdiction last year.

Just weeks into the new year, 467 cars have already been taken, which is a 40% jump from this time in 2022. 

Diamond told 8 News Now more than anything, she feels violated after what happened. 

“Of course, I want my car back, but there are things inside that I can’t replace,” she explained. “So that’s what I want back more than anything.”

While Metro Police said about 75% of stolen vehicles are recovered within a week, whatever is left inside is tougher to track down. 

Therefore, Diamond encourages others to be aware and take every precaution possible. 

“It makes sense,” Diamond concluded. “I kind of figured it would happen.”

Many times, when a car is stolen, thieves will switch out the license plates, so it is important to provide other identifying information to the police. 

It is also a good idea to make sure one’s car insurance includes comprehensive coverage, which applies to outright car theft. 

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