LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Every Veterans day, American flags are placed on graves at the
Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City.

However, some of those flags are missing, and a woman, whose father has been laid to rest there wants to find them.

Dawn Kramer told 8 News Now she hopes to keep the tradition alive as every Veterans day she comes to the cemetery and places American flags on the gravesites of those who served our country and to honor her late father, a former marine.

“I started with two lonely flags in 2019, and in 2020 I placed 1,440. Then last year, we were able to honor 5,000 men and women,” said Kramer.

Last year, while packing up the flags, a volunteer offered to store them for her, since Kramer now lives out of town.

However this year the flags are nowhere to be found after she misplaced the woman’s contact information.

Lynn Taylor, a fellow volunteer hopes to find the missing flags with the goal of placing 8,000 of them on graves this year at the cemetery.

“We are asking in a plea-type way to please contact us or Dawn to let us know that the flags are in safe keeping place and that they will be here for Veterans Day,” said Taylor.

Those with information are asked to contact Dawn at 616-214-6481 or by email at