Woman says DMV denied ‘1HEMP’ personalized license plate request

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Personalized license plates are popular amongst some drivers in the Las Vegas valley, but one woman says the DMV denied her request to personalize her plate with “1HEMP.”

Susan Harris, a licensed hemp grower in Nevada, said she was told it was because it has a “connotation of a drug.”

“Since we’re doing the hemp get an agriculture plate to show our support and get a personalized plate for hemp1, Harris said. “I just want to get out that hemp all it’s properties everything it can do is a good thing.”

According to Harris, the research she’s done for UNLV and UNR on hemp is beneficial to society. 

In March, Harris went to the DMV to apply for personalized plates depicting the name “1HEMP,” and a DMV associate told her the name was available, so she paid all of the necessary fees.

“And two weeks later I get mail that states, oh no, I’m sorry you can’t have that plate because it’s a connotation to a drug.”

However, after years of research of the plant, Susan disagrees.

“It’s just a great plant and for it to be denied and people not to know why and for people to judge it is ridiculous to me,” Harris said.  “I really really want to educate people about the plant because there’s a lot of people that still don’t understand it.”

8 News NOW reached out to the DMV about the case, and Kevin Malone sent the following statement that said in part that “the DMV uses the Nevada administrative code to determine a combination is appropriate. The staff forwards potentially questionable plates to a license plate committee made up of the department’s division administrators.
In this case, the committee felt the “1hemp” plate contains a reference to a drug, specifically marijuana.”

“One of the people we deal with has a similar plate and has had it since hemp was a scheduled one drug, which in December they ruled federally statewide everything that it is not anymore,” Harris said. “So why him and not me?”

Harris says she’s not giving up her “1HEMP” license plate fight. She has a hearing on the matter scheduled for June 3.

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