LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman is hoping to educate others, as she believes domesticated ducklings are being dumped in a northwest valley lake community. 

Anyone who has ever been to Desert Shores near Buffalo Drive and Lake Mead Boulevard has no doubt seen ducks near the water. “I love animals,” Peggy Wang said. “And it’s just like no one cares.”

Some are wild, but a lot of them are domestic breeds that have a hard time surviving in the desert climate.  “This is an artificial lake in Las Vegas,” Peggy Wang said of where many ducks live. “So, nothing is natural about this.”

(Photo: Peggy Wang)

Wang, who lives in the area, told 8 News Now she does her best to look out for these flocks, but she believes people come here to dump young ducklings. “One I found was run over on the street,” she recalled. “And one was left alone.”

A lot of the babies end up dying, many eaten by other wildlife. Therefore, Wang is begging others to understand, that while this kind of environment seems great, these young birds can’t fend for themselves, so anyone who can’t care for them as pets should surrender them to a shelter. “It’s just like any other domesticated animal,” Wang explained. “They need to be taken care of, they need food, shelter, safety.”

She hopes by sharing her story, she can promote education and encourage everyone to appreciate these beautiful creatures. “Why can’t we all work together as a community, to try and take care of them?” Wang concluded. “It’s respecting another life form.”

The Desert Shores website lists the community’s rules regarding ducks and wildlife. It clearly states that residents and visitors are not allowed to feed or handle the animals. 

8 News Now reached out to Desert Shores to inquire about any policy it has regarding animal dumping, but we have not heard back.