Woman faces murder, abuse and neglect charges in mother’s death

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — At the time of her death, the 73-year-old woman weighed 80 pounds and had numerous bedsores that covered the “entirety of her bony backside and both hip areas,” according to the arrest report for for the woman’s daughter, 49-year-old Sandy Howe.

Howe is facing murder, abuse and neglect charges in the death of her mother on April 16, 2018. The older woman suffered from Alzheimer’s, couldn’t speak and was bedridden.

A medical examiner’s report said the wounds had turned black and were infected, some with gangrene. The woman’s spine was exposed through a hole in one wound.

Howe, along with a roommate, were the caregivers for the older woman. The report said the neglect came to light when the roommate quit and reported that Howe was abusing her mother and refused to take her to a doctor. Friends of Howe and other house guests backed up the accusation. One said, she was told by Howe to “mind your own business.”

The arrest report said the older woman had not been to a doctor since 2015. At that time, it was recommended to Howe that her mother should be in a skilled nursing or group home because she was at risk for bedsores. Howe was supposed to follow up with doctors, but never did, the report said.

During the investigation, Howe told police that her family didn’t believe in visiting medical doctors and taking prescribed medications. She also said her mother wanted to die at home. She blamed the other caregiver for neglecting her mother, the report said.

Howe had power of attorney for her mother’s medical and financial decisions. During the investigation, police learned Howe was completely dependent on her mother’s $2,900 monthly deposit. Howe frequently withdrew money, but none of her purchases were spent on her mother’s medical care.

According to the arrest report, it was Howe’s legal responsibility to provide medical services and care for her mother.

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