LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman is facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly attempting to drown a kitten and then holding it by the neck and threatening to drop it from the second floor of an apartment complex.

Tiffany Washington was arrested by Las Vegas Metropolitan police on April 12, after her roommate called the police to report the two were fighting at an apartment near Paradise Road and E. Twain Avenue. Washington also called 911 to report the fight.

According to the arrest report, Washington had some scratch marks on her neck and appeared to be intoxicated.

Police said the roommate, who appeared to have been crying, told the officers that Washington had been abusing a week-old tiny kitten she had. The roommate said she had to stop Washington from trying to drown the kitten in the kitchen sink the previous night. Shortly after that incident, the roommate said Washington took the kitten outside of the apartment, while holding it by the neck, and threatened to drop it to the ground from the second floor, the report said.

The roommate did capture the incident on her cellphone and sent the video to the police. After around two minutes of threatening to drop the kitten, the video shows Washington gave the kitten to a neighbor and the roommate retrieved it.

When an officer observed the kitten the following day, it appeared to be dead but did move its feet slightly however it died about one hour later.

According to police documents, the roommate told police that Washington had been threatening to kill the cat and she is “constantly kicking and hitting animals that are in the complex, including other resident’s dogs and cats.” She also provided the police with another video that allegedly showed Washington attacking a neighbor.

Aside from the police investigation, Clark County Animal Control will conduct a necropsy to determine the cause of death.

Washington is facing a felony charge of Willful/Malicious torture to maim/kill/dog/cat/animal.