LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Electric poles can be found throughout the Las Vegas valley, but there is one, in particular, that is standing right in front of the house of a homeowner who thinks it doesn’t have a purpose.

80-year-old Delores Taylor has lived in her home on La Madre Way and Jones, for less than two years and said she is already frustrated with it because it’s blocking the view. She’s asked that it be removed and reached out to 8 News Now for help.

“Please help me get that poll down!” she expressed. “It just looks terrible.”

She said she called three electricians and when they looked at that pole they said there was no electricity going to the pole.

Taylor purchased the home in 2020 from a builder after viewing a model home.

“When it got closer to the time for me to close on the house I said what about that pole the man in the model said, well it will come down, ok when? I couldn’t get a definite date on it,” she added.

Nearly two years later, she said her view is still obstructed.

Delores said she called NV Energy and DR Horton the home builder company but never received a response.

“If you spend as much money as these houses are worth you wouldn’t want that ugly pole there if you put a pole there why don’t you put a new one there I mean we all pay our taxes and they are very high,” she told 8 News Now.

Delores said had she known the pole would still be there two years later, she would not have moved in.

8 News Now called the City of Las Vegas to see if there was anything they could do, to which the city responded and said if the pole doesn’t have electricity they would have to defer to NV Energy.

NV Energy said it will look into the matter.

Meanwhile, DR Horton said they would send someone over to inspect the home.