Woman arrested for killing baby when she allegedly threw him from 2nd-story of home

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman in Las Vegas was arrested for allegedly killing her own son. According to an arrest report, Liu Xin’s 3-month-old baby died from the injuries he sustained after she threw him from the second story of her house.

The Clark County Coroner said little Stanley had a squishy skull with crepitus, which means the baby had multiple skull fractures. According to the arrest report, on Sept. 1, Metro Police received a conference call from medical in reference to baby Stanley, who was not breathing. A hysterical woman was on the phone with them saying that the mother dropped her baby and that the baby was not breathing.

The woman on the phone, Xiu Xiu Qui, was a friend of the mother. She told police the family’s nanny, Songlian Si, called her to come over to the house because something was wrong with the baby.

When Qui arrived with three other friends, Si told her that Xin threw the baby from the second floor and is now sitting in his crib.

Paramedics arrived and could not get a pulse. They, too, noticed the baby’s head was squishy. Xin was transported Southern Hills Hospital, where she was sedated and admitted.

Family members told police Xin suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts of killing Stanley and herself. They said she would tell family and friends about this. The report said they tried to get her help and even hired a nanny to watch the baby. However, on Sept. 1, in that short time that the nanny went to the bathroom and the laundry room to go and wash the child’s clothes, she heard a noise, and that is when she found little Stanley’s lifeless body at the bottom of the stairs.

The coroner who examined Stanley also found a contusion on his forehead, a bruise on the back of his left shoulder, bruising on the upper part of his left and right ankles, bruise on the top upper left hand, and a squishy skull with crepitus due to all of the skull fractures.

Due to these details, and numerous interviews with witnesses and people who knew her, Xin was booked in abstentia on the charge of murder.

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