Woman allegedly lied to police in road rage murder case, found not mentally competent

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman facing charges for aiding and abetting in a road rage case that left a 58-year-old California man dead is currently not mentally competent to go to court, according to court documents.

Marcia Mingo and her two children, a son and daughter, were arrested and are now facing charges in connection with that shooting.

Police released surveillance video of the van believed to have been used in the deadly shooting in homes of identifying the occupants.

The deadly shooting happened on I-15 northbound on Aug. 5, 2019 around 6:30 p.m. as Jeffrey Boyajian and his wife were heading into Las Vegas to celebrate a birthday. His wife told police a van was tailgating them and then pulled up alongside their car and there was a verbal exchange.

According to the Declaration of Warrant, the couple believed the interaction was over until they heard gunfire. Boyajian pulled over to the shoulder and said “We’ve been hit.” It was at that point his wife noticed blood coming from his nose and mouth.

Police said at least two other drivers witnessed the freeway shooting. Between those witnesses, surveillance video and DMV records, police were able to match the van but when they arrived at the listed address, the home was vacant.

About two weeks after the shooting, the van was eventually traced to a Los Angeles, California address where police interviewed Mingo. According to the warrant, she denied being in Las Vegas on Aug. 5. She indicted two other people had used the van around that time and gone to Las Vegas but police said those people had solid alibis.

The warrant states that cell phone records show Mingo’s phone was in Las Vegas and near the scene of the shooting on Aug. 5.

Police believe Mingo lied to protect the identity of the shooter. She was taken into custody Oct. 3. According to court documents, she was sent for a psychiatric evaluation and on Nov. 26 she was found not mentally competent.

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